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The Usual Mobile Security Threats and How to Get Rid of Them

It is a fact that individuals are checking their phones many times in a day. Psychologists revealed that people use their phones twice as much as they think they do. Phones offer people with different uses such as chatting, news reading, banking, browsing, shopping and even working.

Meanwhile, as mobile usage continues to rise, security risks rise. These security risks include tracking, phishing scams, spying, cyberbullying, identity theft and other cyber threats. To further inform you, the following are the list of the most common situations that make mobile users more prone to mobile threats.


Public Wi-Fi is free and fast; it can help you to pass the time. You can access it anywhere including in shopping malls, hotels, coffee shops, trains and more. Apart from its convenience, Wi-Fi networks are poorly secured which is the reason why they can steal your important data. When you use public Wi-Fi, you must be very careful on your activity to maintain the security of your data on your phone.


When your battery is low, you automatically charge it for an important call and emails. However, when you are out of your home, you tend to charge your phone on public ports. However, connecting your phone to an unknown source can be dangerous. It opens the door for begin hacking. To avoid any problem, make sure that the computer where your phone is connected must be secure. The best solution that you can make is to bring a portable charger.


When you leave your Bluetooth on, it is easy for hackers to get access to your phone. So, always remember to turn your Bluetooth off when not in use.


When you are about to download a new app, there is a security risk on your device. Cybercriminals can steal your private data. With this, you must make sure that you are downloading apps through secure official mobile app stores.


Children are vulnerable when it comes to online safety. There are many threats to game apps, so you must explain to your children about the basic rules to reduce the risk of mobile security threats.


The Power of VPNs

Fortunately, having a reliable VPN subscription like NordVPN can help you to prevent various cyber-attacks.

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