5 Tips to Run Faster

This is a cheap and easy solution for helping you run faster and, unlike other tips for running faster, you do not need the resistance of physical weights to keep your body under stress. You only need your own body weight. When you run stairs, you are forcing your legs to drive your body upwards, which is building the muscles in your legs that are responsible for increasing your speed and power. Then, when you run back down the stairs you should try to go as fast as you safely can to increase your foot speed. Do this for 10-20 minutes a few days per week and you will become faster in no time.

Some of the best tips for running faster include sprints at 10, 20, 40, 60, 80, 100 and 120 yards. By mixing it up, you will be ready to push your speed to the limit no matter how long or hard you have to run. There you have it: a simple and effective way to help you get to the finish line before everyone else. Speed is not something you are born with and you certainly do not have to have a certain type of body to be fast.

And now you also see that you do not need weights to increase your speed. You only need to use stair running, lunges and sprints at various distances in order to run faster, longer and harder than anyone on the court or field. Simply incorporate these three tips for running faster into your current training regimen and soon you will achieve the speed you have always wanted.

Nothing builds speed more than running for speed as much as you can. You should practice sprinting at short distances and at long distances to mix it up. Most athletes will use a combination of short and long distance sprints to prepare them for all scenarios where quick or long-lasting speed may come into play. Its recommended that you do the same.

When searching for ways to get faster, you have probably come across dozens of exercises and methods, but most of those involve weights. Everywhere you turn, people are telling you to do squats and leg extensions and all kinds of other workouts that are mostly done in a weight room. But what if you do not have access to a weight room and you want to get faster? The following three tips for running faster do not require weights, but they are very effective at making you ultra-fast in record time.

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