Reasons Why Your Website Speed Matters

Google basically sees it the same exact way. Google and other search engines are trying to provide their users with the best websites possible on search results. Displaying a slow website that they are going to get frustrated on is not a good result in their eyes.

The things we mostly hear about to improve search engine optimization are content and links. Yes, these things are very important but the technical aspects can not be ignored. One of these technical aspects is website speed. Today we will look at why this is so important to SEO and the result of not making it a priority.

Why is site speed important? It is actually a really simple concept. Site speed is important because it is a determining factor in the user experience of a website. It only makes sense right? Websites that take forever to load are incredibly frustrating to browse and most of us will leave pretty quickly if a website is taking too long to load pages.

So how much can a slow website hurt SEO rankings? Pretty significantly when it comes down to it. Even with a well rounded SEO strategy that has many strengths, poor site speed can drag rankings down in a hurry. Unfortunately, if your website gets deemed as slow and receives speed errors, it will take some time to recover.

Every aspect of SEO has some importance. The flashy things like content and links definitely play a major role, but having technical issues such as slow site speed will hurt those efforts if you do not pay attention.

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